Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hope And Change Kenya Style - Yes We Can!

Much political capital was made during the 2008 Presidential election campaign about the links between President Obama and Africa on account of his father being Kenyan. His political opponents claim that although they were estranged, and in order to secure the non-white vote, candidate Obama successfully passed himself off as an African-American even though he is of mixed race due to his white mother.

These same detractors also claim that his links to Africa, tenuous as they may have been, were exploited in order to seduce low information voters into believing they were making history by electing the first African-American president.

In other words they are claiming that an upbringing in Indonesia and Hawaii followed by a life in Chicago, his links both emotional and cultural to Africa are manufactured for image and electoral purposes, therefore they can be discounted. Any student of post colonial Africa will confirm that this is foolishly incorrect.

To anyone who has any knowledge or experience in East Africa, especially Kenya, the parallels between how these governments operate and the Obama administration are startling. Whether he has consciously used these governments as a template for his own is open to question but it cannot be discounted entirely.

The history of Kenya is well documented elsewhere but briefly for this essay a stable government by the Colonial Office was the hallmark of British colonial rule. The decolonisation process consisted of a transitional government led by the first elected black Prime Minister, Jomo Kenyatta, and a Governor General representing the Queen, working under an agreed Constitution.

Americans should take note that things started to plummet downhill after full independence was granted in December 1963 and the parallels with the current administration began to appear in earnest.

In June 1964 Kenyatta amended the Constitution to make Kenya a republic with himself as President. He gave himself wide executive powers effectively sidelining the legislature becoming not only the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the armed forces but Head of Government as well.

His contempt for the Constitution was further demonstrated when he ignored it again after his re-election in 1966 granting himself all the power he needed to run Kenya entirely by Executive Order. He filled important posts in the government, industry and the military with his own cronies along with family members and fellow tribal members.

During his rule Jomo Kenyatta used government agencies, including the police and the military, to harass political opponents finally banning the only other political party prior to the 1969 elections. Principled opposition politicians fled into exile with the unprincipled former opposition politicians joining with Kenyatta in his Kenya African National Union (KANU).

For fifteen years Kenyatta remained in control of this one party state until he died in 1978 to be succeeded by his deputy, Daniel arap Moi.

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" could have been written especially for Moi who continued ignoring the Constitution for the next twenty four years engendering one of the most hopelessly corrupt governments in Africa if not the entire world.

The current President of Kenya is Uhru Kenyatta, son of Jomo who is currently under investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for human rights abuses.

The United States of America obviously hasn't reached this condition just yet but it can't be denied that by sidelining its Constitution, bypassing the legislature and allowing a President to govern by Executive Order it is embarking on the same road as Kenya and therefore it is only a matter of time.

With little difference between the ruling Democrat Party and the establishment run Republican Party, America is for all intents and purposes a one party state with no third party on the horizon to halt the visible decline into third world status.

It's a safe bet that whoever wins the next election deficit spending will remain, the national debt will continue to increase, the borders will remain porous, amnesty to illegals will be granted and African levels of corruption in the government and its agencies will remain deeply entrenched.

In conclusion its worth noting that altering the Constitution in order to by-pass legislators thus instituting government by Executive Order is the African way, therefore if President Obama does have emotional and cultural links with East Africa then his current behavior is explainable and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

It is also worth noting the behavior of neighbouring East African countries post independence.

Julius Nyerere, first President of independent Tanganyika/Tanzania from 1962 until 1985. Suspended the Constitution making himself Executive President.

Milton Obote, first President of independent Uganda from 1962 until deposed by a military coup in 1971. Amended the Constitution making himself Executive President.

Kenneth Kaunda, first President of independent Zambia from 1964 until 1991. Banned all political parties except his own in 1968.

Hastings Banda, first President of Malawi from 1966 until 1994.................etc. etc.    

Monday, March 23, 2015

From Baby Names To Steaks, There's No End To Government Intrusion

It is without a doubt that politicians around the world are on a roll, not only are they displaying their overbearing arrogance but also their contempt for the views of the people they are supposed to be representing.

There isn't  a day that goes by without another story of faceless state bureaucrats interfering in the private lives of its citizens with the connivance of elected representatives. Obviously this interference is agenda driven, designed to slowly impose the superiority of the government over the rights of the individual citizen.

Many freedom loving people will be shocked to learn that there are such things as government approved lists for baby names. How and when this Soviet style interference came about is a mystery but if the form book is anything to go by it was sneaked in by stealth before the people had a chance to disagree.

In this case the interference became apparent when an Israeli couple, working in Brussels, wanted to name their newborn baby Alma Jerusalem after their home city only to be told that Jerusalem doesn't appear on the state approved list of baby names.  Along with millions of others, I have never heard of such an outrage.  Naming a baby is one of the most intimate and private things on earth and certainly not within the domain of political low lifes.

It's just as well that the Geldof children weren't born in Belgium or Fifi Trixiebell, Peaches, Pixie and Heavenly Hariana Tigerlily would have state approved names such as Salina, Lorelay, Lydie and Berniss.

It must be said that the babies' father, having spent three years working for the European Union, should have known that Brussels is the home of authoritarian state control fanatics. He should have arranged a trip to Israel so that they could have had their joyous event at home and name their baby without political interference.

One would think that state approved baby lists is a minor matter to be quibbling about but where politicians are involved there is always an ulterior motive; in this case it's the cultural replacement agenda better known as the Islamification of Belgium.

It must be noted that while Jerusalem is not on the state approved list of baby names the Muslim name Mohammed most certainly is; in fact it is in the top ten most popular names in some parts of the country and rising fast.

The belief that this kind of government interference is agenda driven is given credence by the fact that cultural replacement in Belgium is gathering pace and the process of Islamification is well under way. If things proceed at the current rate then Belgium will be the first European country to fall to Islam since Spain in the 8th century.

British freedom lovers will again be dismayed but not surprised that their government via the Food Standards Authority, is issuing 'guidelines' that meat should not be served with any traces of pink. As the British know to their cost, 'guidelines' today are perverted by bureaucrats into rigidly enforced regulations tomorrow. These diktats are imposed by government inspectors bullying and threatening until vendors are intimidated into compliance. Resistance appears to be futile.

Millions of grown up adult diners choose to enjoy eating meat cooked less than well done, myself included, and will continue to do so, at home at least, regardless of government interference. Overcooked pieces of leather are not as appetising as a juicy steak or a plate of sushi.

Personally, together with tens of millions of other happy diners, I prefer my meat cooked rare, my eggs boiled soft and my fried eggs runny. I also enjoy seared Ahi dipped in Wasabi/Soy, plates of sushi and raw oysters on the half shell. It's my taste, my choice and nothing whatsoever to do with government or its bureaucrats.

One of the idiosyncrasies of their perverted creed is that nobody, except the ruling elite, escape the consequences of socialist authoritarianism.  The bureaucrats go for them all until everyone is caught in the net of government superiority.  In the meantime, wealthy socialists of the Tony Blair ilk will continue to enjoy the delights and tastes of the class they demonise and supposedly want to abolish.

The majority of the Scottish people are enthusiastic socialists; conservatives are as numerous north of the border as the Dodo is on Mauritius, but even these socialist diehards are not immune from the impositions of the state bureaucrats.

The Scots are outraged that the iconic pint glass is being banned from Highland pubs for safety reasons. These glasses have been around for ever and are as traditional in Scotland as the kilt, the haggis and a set of bagpipes.

Obviously their socialist masters have decided that the Scottish people are too dumb to be trusted with a glass drinking vessel. Champagne, wine and whiskey drinkers are also targeted and must now drink their favourite tipple out of plastic drink dispensers. Is nothing scared to these Philistines?

It is a racing certainty that this is the usual use of precedence prior to imposition glassless pubs across the rest of Scotland and then the entire country over time. This is a well known tactic used by politicians to get an unpopular policy imposed by stealth. One thing is for sure, the views of the people will be studiously ignored.

The people of Scotland have no room to complain, they brought this on themselves. As ardent socialists they must therefore accept that the nanny government knows what's best for them and they must comply.

From baby names, meat preparation and beer glasses, there is nothing that the government bureaucrats will not interfere with in order to demonstrate their superiority over the citizen. If the people of Scotland, and freedom lovers everywhere for that matter, want to do anything about it then they should wake up and stop their habit of blind tribal voting for remote, agenda driven politicians and replace them with experienced candidates drawn from the real world of real people.
(Re-edited post due topicality)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Netanyahu Joins The Long List Of 'Progressive' Hate Targets

Even to the most casual of observers it should be obvious by now that the ex-leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, has the emotional maturity of a spoiled brat who didn't get his own way in the candy store.

Undoubtedly, despite his best efforts, along with those of his political machine, the re-election of the impressive Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel is a huge setback for his pro-Arab, pro-Iranian, anti-Israel agenda but this is no excuse for the display of petulance that is unbecoming of a President of the United States of America.

Anyone with any knowledge of the socialist/communist/self loathing community - these are the same people that go around calling themselves 'liberals' or 'progressives' - this reaction to an electoral setback is nothing new, in fact it is a perfectly normal response.

People who embrace the democratic process and engage in informed political debate tend to accept any election losses as part of the process as disappointing as they may be. This is because they tend to be intellectually more mature and accept that there are points of view contrary to their own.

Due to their firmly held belief that their world view is absolute and a historical inevitability these so called 'liberals' or 'progressives' are emotionally unable to accept defeat in any shape or form.

They are unable to accept that there are other world views and opinions contrary to their own hence their propensity for hatred toward anything they disagree with. They don't even possess the ability of agreeing to disagree, they must be right all the time.

'Progressives' don't just disagree with capitalism they hate it along with those who promote it. They don't just disagree with individual liberty they hate it along with those that promote it; they don't just disagree with Fox News they hate it and those that promote it; and so the hatred goes on with everything they disapprove of. This ranges from Wall Street to the fossil fuels, from CEO's to CO2.  
It's not just ordinary everyday hatred either, it's a visceral hatred that defies any rational explanation.

Surrounded by enemies that want his country and his people erased from the face of the earth has imbued Prime Minister Netanyahu with the tough qualities necessary to be a leader of his people and it goes without question that a love of country i.e. patriotism, is another prime requirement.

His media appearances warning the world about the danger that a nuclear armed Iran poses for Israel and the civilised world, together with their support for ISIS and the spread of radical Islam, are diametrically opposed to the appeasement policies being pursued by Obama and his besotted followers in the Islamified countries of Europe.

The Prime Minister's growing stature among the more civilised people on the planet, coupled with his tough stance in the face of murderous enemies, is showing up the rather flimsy leadership qualities of Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande for what they really are; weak and cowardly springs to mind, not to mention embarrassing.

Patriotism, democracy, military strength along with the willingness to kill his country's enemies without quarter are an anathema to 'progressives' and along with their inherent and ideological anti-semitism it's little wonder that Prime Minister Netanyahu has attracted their hatred and that of their 'Progressive' in Chief.

I am sure he will take the hatred of his detractors in his stride and time will prove him right to stand up to the Ayatollahs and their murderous offspring who are without doubt a clear and present danger to the civilised world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is in good company as the target of the lefts visceral hatred, he is joined in part by:

Free enterprise

Individual liberty

The Constitution of the United States (especially the First and Second Amendments)



The Military

White middle class heterosexuals

The aspiring working class

The Fat Controller

Salt, sugar, pop...........................and so on and so forth



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hiding The Truth - Nixon's Tapes, Hillary's Emails And Bill's Cigar

The long suffering British taxpayers were legitimately outraged when they learned that their hard earned money was being systematically looted by their elected representatives. What became known as the 'expenses scandal' was exposed despite an official campaign of obfuscation and legal stonewalling by politicians desperate to keep their thievery from the public they were elected to serve.

The outrage of the people turned into incredulity when it was revealed that the files relating to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's expenses were 'accidentally shredded' by a member of his staff.

This scandal, combined with the wholesale corruption and thievery going on the Upper Chamber - a den of iniquity known as the House of Lords - caused the reputation of Parliamentarians to plummet down to unfathomable depths from which it is yet to emerge.

One would have thought that getting caught red handed with their fingers in the public till these crooked politicians would apologise and demonstrate at least a modicum of contrition. One would also have thought that in order to win back the trust of the people they abused they would replace the flawed system which allowed such criminal behaviour.

Instead the new system in the Commons  was declared unworkable with the goalposts in the Lords moved so that they can carry on fiddling without sanction.

It gets worse, much worse. Investigators into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal - where the local authority facilitated Muslim paedophile gangs to groom, rape and sexually abuse under age white girls before pimping them out - found that official records had been tampered with or 'went missing' to protect guilty council officers.

The upshot of all this unethical, and sometimes illegal, behaviour is threefold:

i) politicians and their attendant bureaucrats are so intoxicated with power they believe they exist at a level way above that of the plebeians they rule over and are not subject to the same standards of ethics.

ii) their bloated egos have given them a sense of self importance and entitlement that leads them to believe they are immune from scrutiny.

iii) they believe the scrutiny of their behaviour by the people, by their representatives or by official inquiries are impertinent, hence their continual stonewalling and displays of contempt.

It's worth looking at some of the more notorious and laughable instances of politicians and their agents going to extraordinary lengths to hide the truth from the people they are paid to serve.

Watching President Richard Nixon wiggle and squirm as he tried to keep the infamous White House Tapes from the public during the Watergate scandal was both hilarious and sad. It also allowed the public a glimpse of the fetid swamp that passed for government of the people, by the people, for the people during the Nixon era.

The American public have been stonewalled by the current Justice Department over the Fast and Furious gun running scandal along with the tragic Benghazi scandal which cost four American lives including that of their Ambassador to Libya.

Who can possibly forget the missing Lois Lerner emails during the IRS scandal? In an operation worthy of third world two penny dictatorship, members of the Obama administration used the Internal Revenue Service to harass and intimidate political opponents.

What became apparent during the testimony of IRS agent Lois Lerner is the way that enemies of the people like herself will run and hide behind the same Constitution they are actively working to destroy when they plead protection under it's Fifth Amendment rights.

The latest scandal involving Hillary Clinton's missing emails is yet another example, not only of the contempt she has for the public, but the hypertrophied sense of entitlement she obviously nurses. Her whole demeanour and obstructive behaviour is indicative of a superiority complex and an unshakeable belief in her own invincibility.

The sad fact is that the Clinton's are treated like royalty by large numbers of the American public whereby nothing they do, no matter how unbecoming of high profile representatives of the United States of America, seems to cause them political damage.

They are a national embarrassment mired in accusations of corruption but it appears that the appalling Clintons will be the next occupants of the White House.

In conclusion it's worth reminding ourselves of Bill Clinton brazenly going before the world's media claiming that he didn't have sex with that intern. This appalling behaviour probably did more to demean the office of President than any other previous instances of bad Clinton behaviour.

His steadfast refusal to release details of his affair led to impeachment hearings in front of a titillated world. While a salacious public were treated to tales of oral sex, his odd shaped member and Monica Lewinsky's stained dress, they were denied the information that they really wanted. What on earth did he do with that cigar?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Election Alert! - Progressives Are Totalitarians In All But Name

With election fever gripping both Great Britain and the USA where spin and word manipulation will be the order of the day, it's worth reminding ourselves of what those who refer to themselves as 'progressives' really are.

Socialist, communist and all other leftist regimes are totalitarian by nature. Like the 'Man Made Global Warming' fanatics their vision is so impaired by the religious nature of their ideologies they are beyond reasonable discourse.

They believe that their vision of the perfect state is historically inevitable therefore all other points of view must be ridiculed, discounted and ultimately banned.

Due to the religious nature of their perverted ideology the socialist/communist/progressive community are incapable of understanding that others may take a different view. In a mature democracy with an informed populace the issues should be debated rationally, decisions should then be made or voted on based on the outcome of the discourse.

'Progressives' hate this discourse, they believe it to be a waste of time that only serves to delay the inevitable. They believe that any alternative view to theirs should not be heard. Censorship, book burning and intolerance are the hallmarks of all socialist/communist/progressive regimes.

Although we are almost there, the socialist/communist state has not been fully established in Great Britain or the USA. There are still pockets of resistance in the form of dissident publications and broadcasters, along with the blogosphere and the Internet in general - all of which 'progressive' governments the world over are desperately trying to regulate and control.

Like the tyrants of old who to tried to ban the printing press, socialist/communist/ progressive governments believe that they must control the message and the means of its delivery.

In the absence of controlling the message and with nothing to contribute to any debate, 'progressives' denigrate anyone with whom they disagree. Hence we see spin, sophistry and outright propaganda used to promote their agenda, while at the same time employing smear and abuse for anyone promoting a different viewpoint.

This is best illustrated by the leftist controlled climate change lobby. In an attempt to silence any alternative views they claim the science is settled, the debate is over and anyone who disagrees is labelled a 'denier'. A word associated with those who deny the Holocaust; this is the ultimate smear and illustrates the depths to which socialists/communists/progressives will sink to abuse anyone with whom they disagree.

Another 'progressive' tactic is the abuse of language. This is an Orwellian concept whereby twisting the meaning of words one can eventually rewrite history to portray it in a light favourable to their ideology.

The word 'gay' is a classic example.

Men attracted to other men have always been known as homosexuals, there's nothing wrong with that word in particular. Like heterosexual its a perfectly functional word which doesn't imply inferior status. The word 'gay' has been hijacked with the intention of changing the perception of homosexuals as sexual deviants to a more benign lighthearted and carefree group.

It has also had the effect of giving homosexuals special status as opposed to equal status with heterosexuals.

In the methodology of 'progressives' special status metamorphosis's into victim status and hence the sympathy vote.

The word 'progressive' itself is another word that has been hijacked by the left with the intention of changing its meaning to promote a softer more benign image for their perverted ideology.

The following is a run down of some of the worst socialist/communist/progressive regimes and their leaders which comprises some of the darkest, most murderous enemies of the human race.

National Socialist German Workers Party - Hitler
USSR - Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin through to Putin today
China - Mao Tse Tung Thro to Xi Jinping today
Cambodia - Pol Pot
North Korea - the Kim family
Cuba - The Castro brothers and Che Guavara
Ethiopia - Mengistu Haile Mariam
Serbia - Slobodan Milosovic
Libya - Colonel Ghadaffi
Syria - the Assad family
Venezuela - Hugo Chavez
Zimbabwe - Butcher Bob Mugabe

The entire post war East European socialist bloc with its secret police forces, political prisoners
poverty for the masses but riches for the 'progressive' political elite.

Its no wonder with a reputation for bloodsoaked oppression leftists needed a word to replace socialism/communism in order to hide the true nature of their ideology.

Now referring to themselves as 'progressives' they claim their mission remains the pursuit of fairness, social justice and a more equal society engineered by a benign state. Hundreds of millions who have suffered under the yoke of socialist/communist/progressive tyrannies know differently and tens of millions more dissidents are dead.

In the perverted world of socialist/communist/progressive doublethink, the closer we move toward the totalitarian regimes mentioned above the more 'progress' society has made.

Beware! 'Progressives' may have changed their name but they are still socialists/communists who's ideology was codified by Karl Marx and there's nothing progressive about Marxism.

Progress would be bettered measured by the amount of distance countries move away from the oppressive socialist/communist/progressive collectivist regimes toward the bright, sunlit uplands of freedom and individual liberty.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Welfare Financed Asylum Helps Create Great Britain's Jihadi Johns

To say that the British people are treated with contempt by their elected representatives would be another understatement joining thousands more in the catalogue of idiotic actions that beggar believe in a country awash with self serving politicians and an army of useful idiots.

When the notorious Muslim cold blooded killer known as Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, first demonstrated his fondness for beheading innocent journalists and aid workers in the name of Allah, on the command of his prophet Mohammad and as written in his holy book, the Koran, the British people were unaware that he was one of their fellow citizens albeit a naturalised one.

They were also unaware that their government, and some of its agencies, had known about him and his chosen profession of murdering jihadi for some time.

If this wasn't bad enough, and to compound their horror, it has now been revealed that the family that spawned this evil sub-human were Kuwaiti asylum seekers who's patriarch was an Iraqi sympathiser after their brutal invasion of his homeland.

The British people will not be surprised however to learn that the Emwazi family of Jihadi John has spent the last twenty years on taxpayer funded welfare benefits estimated to be four hundred thousand pounds in housing benefit alone. ( That's $640k to our American cousins)

The Emwazi family, described by one landlord as 'parasites' and 'tenants from hell', are one of the millions of welfare colonists invited into Great Britain as part of the government's cultural and demographic replacement agenda.

The government and its establishment were fully aware that this family along with the millions of other welfare colonists would not be integrating into society or be making any contribution to the life or economy of Great Britain.

What is disconcerting about this particular family is that they supported the Iraqi enemy during the Gulf War in which British military personnel were sent to fight and where many lost their lives.

The treatment of this family is a classic example of the suspect loyalties of the British political class and it demonstrates once and for all the contempt with which they and their establishment hold for the very people they are paid to represent.

The Emwazi family were allowed into the country, supposedly in fear for their lives, after the first Gulf War despite the fact that they supported the enemy of the British military.

They were granted refugee status in 1996 and made British citizens in 2001.

With citizenship securely in the bag the fear of their homeland miraculously evaporated and they started travelling back to Kuwait while continuing to collect welfare benefits.

Jihadi John's father, Jasem, is now back working in Kuwait while his family continues to receive welfare benefits in London.

In any sane country where politicians respect and work on behalf of its people, they would have spotted the scam when the family returned to Kuwait immediately after being granted British citizenship.

If the politicians gave priority to the welfare of their people instead of their cultural replacement agenda they would have revoked the citizenship of the Emwazi family, stopped their welfare payments and forbid their re-entry back to Great Britain when they returned to their homeland the first time.

Consequently, Jihadi John would not have been radicalised by the plethora of hate preachers who infest the thousands of mosques and madrassas that are springing up in every village, town and city in Great Britain's once green and pleasant land.

Handing out British citizenship to young Muslim asylum seekers who are nothing other than potential Jihadi Johns is nothing new for self serving politicians who have their own agenda and who hold contempt for the views of its own people.

Most of the 21/7 London Transport bombing gang were young Muslim immigrants who were either granted asylum, leave to remain or citizenship regardless of their past criminal history or their potential for jihad and murder.

London Transport bomber Muktar Ibrahim is a classic example but not alone in being granted citizenship despite being a violent criminal thug who committed indecent assault at fifteen, who was involved in gang violence and sentenced to five years in prison for two armed robberies. After his release from prison he applied for naturalisation and was granted citizenship one year later.
(Cricketer v Muslim Bomber, a previous article on Muktar Ibrahim and the cultural replacement agenda here)

It's worth noting the weasel words of some Members of Parliament who claim to be "horrified" by these revelations but who have done nothing during their five years in office. It's also worth noting that these sudden howls of outrage coincide with a general election which is due this coming May.

In a display of deduction worthy of Sherlock Holmes Conservative MP David Davies thunders thus:

"This is an absolute outrage and a disgrace. We should stop their housing benefit immediately. Mr Emwazi clearly doesn't need asylum in this country".

His fellow Conservative Philip Hollobone states that "They are abusing our hospitality, the rules are quite clear. If there has been any abuse of the system here, money should be paid back."

Can the British people now assume that their enlightened MP's, Messrs Davies and Hollobone, will follow up on their outrage and ensure that they get their hard earned money back?

It's a mystery as to where Mr Hollobone has been storing his head for the past two decades but he believes that  "Mohammed Emzwazi's offences are worse than murder or terrorism. They are an assault on the British way of life".

The 'British way of life' as he puts it has been under continuous assault since the Blair/Brown Labour governments opened the borders to mass immigration in 1997 as part of their demographic and cultural replacement agenda.

An agenda it must be noted that Hollobone and his government have continued to implement with equal, if not more enthusiasm.

With immigration controls, including exit controls abandoned, and with their enthusiasm to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' undiminished, the production line of Jihadi John's is continuing unabated. The weasel words of MP's Davies and Hollobone are no substitute for action but the British people would be unwise to hold their breath waiting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

An EU From The Urals To The Atlantic - Fulfilling Hitler's Dream

The bloody conflict currently enveloping Ukraine is being portrayed as a civil war between factions loyal to Vladimir Putin's Russian and those who want to break away and form closer ties with the European Union. In reality its a proxy war being fought between the leaders of an expansionist EU who dream of an empire stretching from the "Urals to the Atlantic" and Vladimir Putin who is attempting to preserve whats left of the Russian empire.

A European empire stretching from the Ural Mountains in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west did not become EU policy overnight dreamt up with foresight by some benign bureaucrats in a smoke filled backroom over brandy and cigars.

Military campaigns to subjugate the nations of Europe and form an empire have been fought by a variety of armies throughout history including those of the Romans and the Moors but none have codified their ambitions in more detail than Hitler and the National Socialists.

It's worth noting at this point that the Ural mountains are considered historically - and geographically - to be the border where Europe ends and Asia begins.

Hitler's plan for a Grossgermanisches Reich or a Greater Germanic Reich is well documented whereby he envisaged a Jew free, German controlled Europe stretching from the "Urals to the Atlantic".

If that quote sounds familiar its because it was uttered by British Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan albeit from front to back. He told students at the Nazabeyev University in the capital Astana that:

"Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and co-operating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals".

When Cameron told the students of Kazakhstan that the EU is "a large trading and co-operating organisation" he was doing what he does to the British people as a matter of course - willfully lying through his teeth with malice aforethought about the nature of the EU.

The British people were conned by the very same lies some forty- five years ago when the then Prime Minister Edward Heath sold the Common Market as a benign 'trading and co-operating organisation' knowing full well that it was the fist step on the road to a post democratic federal superstate.

Cameron didn't tell the Kazakh students that they would be required to surrender their sovereignty and consequently their newly won freedom; and in doing so they would be exchanging authoritarian rule from Moscow to that of Brussels.

He also failed to inform them that if they, like the Greeks, the Irish and the Italians, are dumb enough to join the Euro currency they risk debt, bankruptcy and imposed austerity on terms dictated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Identical to Hitler's foreign policy, Cameron and the EU politburo believe the Urals to be the westernmost border of their European empire and all countries to the west should be absorbed into a Greater European superstate. This is nonsense of course designed to stir up antagonism with the Russian leadership as it contains a huge chunk of western Russia including Moscow.

Like the current EU, Hitler envisioned a Europe where independent nation states cease to exist replaced by vassal regions in thrall to Berlin.

The current EU government appears to be in Brussels but it is widely acknowledged that as far as EU policy is concerned what Angela Merkel says goes with no dissenters allowed. None of the current national leaders, Cameron included, are prepared to confront her even if the interests of their people are in jeopardy.

It doesn't stop with Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the EU and its agents, including former President Herman von Rumpuy and foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton, are meddling and interfering in other former Soviet republics such as Georgia, Moldovia and Azerbaijan much to the consternation of Vladimir Putin. They have even solicited the expensive services of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair while Prince Andrew is reported to be socialising on a regular basis with Azerbaijani tyrant IIham Aliyev.

Looking at the current expansion plans of the EU, combined with the return of rabid anti-semitism across Europe, Hitler's dream of a Jew free empire from the Atlantic to the Urals is closer now than it was during the height of his power. It may not have reached the Ural mountains yet but unless they are stopped the ambition and the perverted will of the EU is there to make the old dictators dream come true.