Thursday, May 7, 2015

Whoever Wins The British Election England Will Lose

As the British people go to the polls in what has been described as the most important election in a generation, the outcome has never been more assured. England and its people will lose by a huge margin.

With seventy five percent of British laws coming from the European Union, all the major players who will eventually form a coalition government are committed to surrendering the other twenty five percent.

What the British people are voting for is the right of their chosen candidate to wield the rubber stamp for the deluge of laws and regulations that will inevitably pour forth from Brussels when their candidates take power on Friday.

The election itself is too close to call and it is predicted that no single party will have enough seats to form a government on its own. The party with the most seats will most likely form a coalition government in harness with one or more of the minor parties.

With the exception of the United Kingdom Independence Party, referred to as Ukip, and some remaining diehards in the Conservative and Northern Irish parties, all the remaining parties that are available for coalition are anti-English.

The Labour Party's move to the far left has been dramatic since the trade union sponsored Marxist, Ed Miliband, was installed as its leader. His entire family led by his late father, Adolph, has been dedicated to the downfall of Great Britain with a communist system being installed in its place.

Red Ed as he is known is committed to Great Britain surrendering whats left of its sovereignty and  being fully absorbed in the United States of Europe federal superstate. Further more he has let it be known that the British people will not be consulted or have a say via a referendum. In true Marxist fashion his contempt for the people is total.

The Scottish Nationalist Party, known by its initials the SNP, despise the English with unbridled passion. They will do everything in their power to break up the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and set up an independent socialist country governed by Scots in Edinburgh.

Their visceral hatred for England and the English people has blinded them to the fact that an independent Scotland will be governed, as now, by EU bureaucrats in Brussels and not locally grown socialist ideologues in Edinburgh.

In tandem with the SNP, the Welsh Party, known as Plaid Cymru, is another English hating nationalist party that espouses an independent socialist country governed by them in Cardiff. Like the SNP they haven't quite worked out how they will do this when all power to legislate will be held in Brussels.

The Welsh people are renown for their blind obedience to the Labour Party no matter how their loyalty has been abused over the years, therefore Plaid Cymru are seen more as an irritant as opposed to a serious political player.

If they throw they hands in with the SNP and Red ED's Labour Party they may be able to extract some concessions but their influence over all will be minimal.

The ridiculously named Liberal Democrat Party is a disgrace to political life and to democracy itself. This party is nothing more than a well financed group of power hungry charlatans and consummate liars who traverse the country saying whatever needs to be said to any particular group in order to secure their vote. Having secured them they promptly renege and continue pursuing their pro-EU, socialist agenda as before.

They are fanatically dedicated to the United States of Europe and long for the day when England is no more and Great Britain is reduced to a group of provinces in the greater European federal superstate.

This brings us to the Conservative Party who are forecast to be the largest party after the election and will consequently get first dibs at forming a coalition government.

Like the other parties, this party is committed to the United States of Europe project and who has lost most support to Ukip. Its leader, David Cameron, is a fanatical Europhile who is falsely promising to re-negotiate British terms of membership of the EU while at the same engineering its expansion into the former Soviet republics.

Envisaging a European Union Empire "from the Ural Mountains in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west" are hardly the words of someone who is not totally committed to the EU project.

Since all these parties are as one when it comes to the European Union project, which includes imposing so called 'multi-cultural societies' using open border mass immigration, whichever combination forms the next government, England will be doomed.      
The pro-EU ideologies of all the party leaders demands that they surrender the remaining twenty five percent of Great Britain's legislative power to Brussels as commanded by the Lisbon Treaty which was signed without the promised referendum.

Scotland and Wales will survive as national entities in the United States of Europe albeit powerless but it is proposed that England will be divided into North and South with one region being aligned with Scandinavia and the other with France and Spain.

Outside of Ukip, England has no friends, not even its own people, who will vote in their millions for the anti-England parties who's final act will be to legislate for their own demise.

The following words have been ringing through my head all day and after writing this article I know exactly why ."You don't know what you've missed till its gone, they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot"

Friday, May 1, 2015

Libyan Exodus -The End Of Civilisation Is Not An Exaggeration

On the face of it the new Common European Asylum System recently imposed upon the peoples of Europe seems like a compassionate measure designed to make it easier for those fleeing persecution from war torn Libya to escape to Europe without the risk of drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italy being the nearest landfall is bearing the brunt of the exodus and it is claimed that this measure is designed to spread the burden among all the member states.

The peoples of Europe should know by now that the unelected elite that run the European Union don't do compassion, or anything else for that matter, unless it progresses their decades long project to replace the nation states of Europe with a single federal state.

The crowning glory for these unelected bureaucrats was the Lisbon Treaty; this was the final instrument in a series of treaties that made the EU a legal entity. It now has all the attributes of an independent nation state, including a national anthem, a currency, a diplomatic service, an army, a legal system etc.

The only thing it lacks to make it complete as a distinct nation is a generic European citizen. This will be impossible to construct with twenty seven different national identities which have evolved and entrenched themselves over two millennia. As a consequence these national identities must first be destroyed before a European citizen can be created; one which will be loyal to the United States of Europe as opposed to the former individual nation states.  
The various cultures of the nation states are all based upon their Judeo-Christian heritage; this is being systematically destroyed and replaced by a mythical 'multi-cultural society' and it is upon this myth that the new European citizen will be based.

This is typical of the ideological nonsense with which the 'progressive' elite indulge themselves; we know from experience that in practice the 'multi-cultural society' consists of a series of semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos, often financed by welfare entitlements and often rife with violent crime. It is nothing less than a modern form of apartheid where different ethnic groups maintain their individual native cultures and practices regardless of their compatibility with the host country.

In effect many immigrant communities have recreated their home country in Great Britain with a British passport and an entitlement to welfare benefits being the only things they have in common with the indigenous population.

This cultural replacement project was originally being achieved by dismantling border controls within the EU but as usual this was ill thought out and only succeeded in the transfer of peoples from the poor states of Europe to the more prosperous. In other words, all that was being achieved was nationality relocation as opposed to cultural replacement.

In order to speed up the cultural replacement agenda all borders were thrown open to all and sundry, including the third world, while any objections raised by the indigenous people were quashed with intimidation, smear and threats of prosecution.

After almost two decades of open border mass immigration the cultural replacement agenda in Great Britain has almost reached the tipping point whereby any action, no matter how draconian, will not halt or reverse the process.

Already the indigenous people with a Judeo-Christian heritage are a minority in many of Great Britain's major cities and some demographers predict that they will become a minority countrywide as early as 2030 and by 2050 at the very latest.

A recent report by the Henry Jackson Society has highlighted the fact that Muslims could decide the outcome of twenty five percent of all constituencies on account that their numbers are now larger than the margin of victory in the previous general election. In fifty one marginal constituencies Hindus could decide and fifteen where Buddhists could decide.

The Common European Asylum System surrenders what little control the British government had left  over its borders to the EU bureaucrats who have determined that the end of Great Britain's unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture is an absolute priority if a generic European citizen is to become a reality.

Anyone with an iota of intelligence will know that when the EU bureaucrats talk about spreading the burden of asylum seekers across the EU they don't mean the poorer countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, Poland or the recently bankrupt countries such as Greece, Ireland, Spain or Portugal.

These countries are facing an outward migration of their own citizens as things currently stand. They mean Great Britain, Scandinavia and the more prosperous countries. They are also well aware that once legalised anywhere in the EU these migrants will make their way to Great Britain as their country of choice.

The British government and the political elite are fully on board with "ever closer union" toward a single European state and they are fully complying with the cultural replacement agenda. Ancient rights such as freedom of speech are being sacrificed in order to protect various ethnic groups and impose 'multi-culturalism' on the British people who didn't ask for it, weren't consulted and by all accounts don't want it.

The current Home Secretary, Theresa May intends to make any confrontation with the adherents of Islam a hate crime +1, while the Labour Party leader, Red Ed Miliband intends to make so called 'Islamophobia' illegal. 

In the meantime British documented Muslim terrorists, both male and female, are joining the blood soaked rampage through the Middle East with ISIS in ever increasing numbers and young under age white girls are being groomed and raped by Muslim paedophile gangs with little or no comment from either Ms May or Red Ed.

The standards of civilization which evolved over centuries are being eroded away by open border mass immigration and the governments refusal to ensure that incomers are compatible and willing to integrate into the British way of life.
On top of the already unsustainable numbers of migrants entering Great Britain every year, the current exodus of North Africans and Middle Eastern refugees into Europe provides an ideal opportunity for the EU bureaucrats to use faux compassion in order to dump tens of thousands more incompatible third world migrants into Great Britain. This will push cultural replacement passed the tipping point from which there will be no return and the end of civilization as we know it will follow.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Age Of The Virtual Politician - Avoiding The People At All Costs

The British political class who are putting themselves up for election, or re-election in most cases, are taking the advise of their PR professionals, spin doctors, advertising executives and image consultants, by avoiding any contact with the general public.

So important has image and presentation become it has replaced reality; in tandem with this the truth has been replaced by slogans and soundbites.

This election campaign has been reduced to a series of meticulously managed media appearances and choreographed photo opportunities where only friendly bought-and-paid-for journalists are invited.

To the frustration of the electorate, where a politician has been forced to appear for a televised interview they steadfastly refuse to give direct answers to legitimate questions but repeat ad nauseum spin doctor authored soundbites while at the same time attempting to turn the interview around to the evils of the opposition parties.

(This doesn't include the anti-establishment parties such as the United Kingdom Independence Party, who are pursued mercilessly for direct answers by the MSM because they are threatening the century long grip on power of the legacy parties)

Outside of these televised set pieces and the acting studios, the leading politicians are conspicuous by their absence. Contact with the great unwashed is avoided at all costs lest the casual off-the-cuff remark become a social media sensation undoing months of expensive image creation.

Going 'off message' and putting the days carefully orchestrated spin in jeopardy is a nightmare for the media managers and it is avoided by minimising contact between the politicians and the people.  

Similarly, contact between politicians and the independent press is also avoided for fear of a non-establishment journalist asking an unscripted question for which no answered has been prepared in advance for their charge to parrot.

For those of us who understand the black arts of the media managers and the PR professionals - and as a result have acquired an immunity to their spin and deceit - we can sit back and share the hilarity of watching their charges make complete idiots of themselves in places they wouldn't be seen dead in outside of election time.

Watching grown adults, Prime Ministers and supposed international statesmen sitting in infant chairs around a tiny table doing finger painting with kindergarten toddlers is a sight to behold. Watching political leaders, including Ministers of State, trying to look natural drinking a pint of ale in pub, even though the public have been excluded for duration, is laughable.

One can see at a glance that these professional machine politicians look uncomfortable doing every day things such as eating an ice cream cone or ordering fish and chips or even taking a walk on the beach.

(For the information of PR men and image creators - ordinary people don't wear a suit and tie on the beach and mushy peas in a fish and chip shop is not a guacamole dip)

The British public now have to endure the toe-curling embarrassment of watching their Prime Minister and his senior Minister don turbans, while their wives wear pashminas and hijabs for the sole purpose of securing the ethnic vote.

How this grovelling to the ethnic community and its official acceptance of their separate identity helps with the governments declared policy of integration is yet to be explained.

Everything these charlatans say and do, including their body language and phony regional accents, has been scripted in advance by the PR machines to fool the public that the images they are seeing is reality.

The age of spin and media management in politics has led inexorably to the age of the virtual politician where a flawless performance by a schooled charlatan in front of the cameras is more important than the policies they are advocating or, more importantly, the truth.

I'm sure it won't be long before the real politicians will be kept locked away somewhere safe out of the public eye to be replaced by a hologram programmed to repeat only what's been programmed into its memory chip.

In the meantime they can keep themselves busy by continuing to act as a rubber stamp for the real government operating out of the EU headquarters in Brussels and making sure they keep their expense claims away from the prying eyes of their long suffering constituents.  


Monday, April 27, 2015

Suburban Nazis Rife According To Establishment Propaganda

Long before the current election campaign in Great Britain moved into top gear, the word 'racist' was being thrown at anyone who questioned the open border mass immigration policy of the old establishment parties. It is a calculated tactic and its ad hominem nature is used not only to close down legitimate debate but also as a smear designed to intimidate and defame.

To the consternation of the establishment party zealots, its over use is having the opposite effect of that intended, resulting in increased support for the victims of this malicious smear.

Even traditional supporters of the old establishment Labour, Conservative and the ridiculously named Liberal Democrat parties, who prefer a common sense, managed system of immigration, as opposed to the current chaos of open border mass immigration, are being smeared as 'racist' and switching support to the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as Ukip, as a result.

For obvious reasons the leaders and spin machines of these parties are unable to disrupt the Ukip campaign directly therefore they hire foot soldiers operating under various titles such 'Unite Against Fascism', Hope Not Hate', Stand Up To Ukip etc. to do their dirty work.

This includes disrupting meetings, vandalising Ukip offices, defacing Ukip advertising hoardings and threatening violence against candidates and their families. With the demise of the word 'racist" as a generic smear, these foot soldiers have substituted the words "Nazi' and 'fascist' to defame their   opponents.

Labelling honest, decent political campaigners as 'Nazi scum' is as high a level of debate that these                   demonstrators can manage and vandalising offices with the same smear is about as civilised as they can get.

These great unwashed warriors of the left obviously didn't do history at school and their understanding of political philosophy is non existant. It's lost on them that shutting down debate and intimidating opponents was a Nazi tactic used to the full by Hitler and the rest of his murderous gang.

Defacing literature and vandalising opposing political offices is more akin to nazi book burning and Chrystal Nacht than reasoned political debate. It's lost on these people that using intolerance to fight against supposed intolerance is contradictory in the extreme.

They now throw around the word 'Nazi' like they used to throw around the word 'racist'. One would think that the volunteers distributing Ukip campaign literature on the doorstep were under cover SS agents surrupticiously organising a beer hall putsch instead of promoting their candidate in a democratic election.

Nuremburg style rallies can't be far off in the future where Mr. and Mrs. Bloggs from the suburbs can finally come out of the closet and show off their goose stepping prowess in front of a huge baying crowd at a torchlight parade.

Using the words 'Nazi scum' and 'fascist' to describe ordinary decent, British citizens just because they are of a different political persuasion is ridiculous and more so since the policies they advocate are benign, sensible and increasingly popular among ordinary British citizens.

This form of extreme political campaigning is an embarrassment to the nation and it tarnishes Great Britain's image as a home of democracy and tolerance.

One can assume that the refusal of the the three legacy party leaders, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to condemn, let alone call a halt to these tactics, is sign that they approve; after all they have everything to lose should Ukip make the breakthrough that they promise.

It has been noted by us non-aligned commentators that the old political establishment, including the bought-and-paid-for media and the BBC, are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and disrupt a political party that they claim is only polling from ten to fifteen percent at most. Why would they do this if they are not afraid of losing their century long grip on power?

One can almost smell the fear.

Monday, April 20, 2015

British Moral Decay Provides A Haven For Foreign Degenerates

It seems strange that political activists who are passionate about their cause travel half way around the world to impose their agenda on the British people before putting their own house in order first.

My guess is that its isolated position in the southern hemisphere has kept Australia far enough away from the malign influence of  western 'progressivism' that it has managed to hang on, at least in part, to its Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values.

Great Britain's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values have been gradually eroded away after years of invasive 'progressivism' to the point where every degenerate from Pakistan to Perth feels comfortable enough to push their sexual agenda and indulge in once taboo sexual practices without shame.

'Progressivism' spreads like weeds in a flower bed; if they aren't regularly dug up by the roots and destroyed they will flourish and eventually take over, choking off any flowers that try to bloom.

Great Britain is now an old flower bed where only weeds flourish, where every native flower is strangled from seed and allowed to wither and die.

It's during this current election campaign that Green Party leader, Australian Natalie Bennett, has become a public figure and the extent of her lunacy become more widely known.

Watching her public performances and reading about the policies she wants the British people to adopt one cannot help but form the opinion that this lady is not just slightly unhinged but totally bat shit crazy.
(See her famous car crash BBC interview here)

Watching her public performances holds a morbid fascination akin to that of nineteenth century Londoners who considered watching the ravings of lunatics incarcerated in Bedlam as entertainment.

With hindsight, the recent revelations that her partner, Jim Jepps, holds depraved sexual fantasies should come as no surprise, and it is not a mystery why this lady traveled half way around the world to pursue her delusions on a tiny windswept island in the North Atlantic.

Likewise her fellow antipodean, Patricia Hewitt; she made the long voyage to Great Britain to pursue her deviant sexual agenda which included child sex. She gave her support to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) who campaigned for incest to be decriminalised and the age of consent for sex between adults and children lowered to children as young as ten.

After having been found out she now claims her advocacy for PIE was in error and naive; this stinks of political expediency. Holding the view that "there is no proof that sex between adults and children causes no harm" suggests conviction not error or naivety, as does the claim that 'innocent adults are seduced by children'.

Hewitt took over the safe Labour held constituency of serial child abuser, Greville Janner, who remains in the House of Lords to this day. She made it to the upper echelons of the Labour Party, including Secretary of State for Health. Her career went rapidly downhill when it was revealed she was an expenses cheat and embroiled in corruption via a cash-for-access scheme. This earned her a five year ban from the House of Commons to go along with her ill gotten gains.

No comment about degenerates travelling half way around the world in order to degrade the moral values of Great Britain would be complete without a mention of Australian draft dodger and militant homosexual Peter Tatchell.

Twice selected as a Labour Party candidate for Parliament and twice rejected by the electorate, Tatchell joined his fellow Aussie in the Green Party. He also has campaigned for lowering the age of consent for sex between adults and children.

It is highly likely that these degenerates and their filth would be given short shrift in their native Australia but knew they would be welcome in 'progressive' Great Britain.

Since the 'progressive' movement succeeded in submerging Great Britain's moral compass into a cesspit of vileness and corruption it has become the country of choice for perverts, paedophiles and organised prostitution gangs.

Muslim paedophile gangs, mainly Pakistani, have been allowed to groom, gang rape and then traffic under age white girls with impunity. Paedophiles led by celebrity sub human, Jimmy Savile, abused children on an industrial scale at the BBC and in hospitals across the country with the full knowledge of the authorities.

Eastern European gangs run organised prostitution rackets in Great Britain including child prostitution and people trafficking, also with impunity.

Even the Westminster Parliament is embroiled in a paedophile scandal that is being desperately covered up by the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat establishment to protect their own.

It would be foolish to pretend that Great Britain didn't have minor problems with immorality and sexual promiscuity before the descent into degeneracy but the scale of it today would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago.

The rise of 'progressivism' resulted in the fall of morality and the degradation of standards that had evolved over centuries. Now Great Britain is a magnet for the likes of Bennett, Hewitt, Tatchell, Muslim paedophile gangs and East European prostitute rackets who are prepared to traverse the planet not only to impose their agenda on others but to live out their fantasies in real life.    

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Black Anti Immigrant Violence In South Africa - Multi-Culti Epic Fail

Despite its disastrous effect on every aspect of peoples lives, anyone who merely questions the British government's policy on immigration is immediately smeared with labels such as racist, bigot or xenophobe - with Fascist and Nazi sometimes thrown in for good measure.

However despicable, this is a tactic used by the government and its supporters in their effort to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' on the British people at the behest of the UN/EU.

With the anti-immigrant rioting by black people in South Africa getting ever more bloody this tactic has become somewhat hypocritical, not that this will bother a shameless political class. More importantly their failure to condemn the rioters using the same labeling blows their self adopted moral superiority clean out of the water.  

Nobody with a grasp of world events over the past half century will be surprised that the predictions of all the non-'progressive' political commentators on the planet have been proved right and the self appointed guardians of morality proved wrong.

When the Marxist orientated political activists and their army of bureaucrats at the United Nations appointed themselves the de facto world government, the well being of the global population would always take second place to their political ideology.

This was no more apparent than in Africa. The world government in New York dictated that white governments were to be replaced by black governments despite the warnings that this would spell disaster for the people.

They wouldn't countenance a  program of educating, and subsequently integrating, suitable people into government over a long period of time, decolonisation had to be achieved at the earliest in order to satisfy their political bigotry.

The UN remained unmoved when the predicted disasters - which included famine, civil wars and other human catastrophes -  blighted millions of people when the British and other European colonists were ordered to give up their African possessions.

Their appointment of a psychopathic Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe, in neighbouring Zimbabwe who, as predicted, proceeded to slaughter tens of thousands of his own people then turn the bread basket of Africa into a famine zone, didn't prevent them from repeating the exercise in South Africa.

(It's worth reminding ourselves that they are unable to acknowledge their failure in Zimbabwe and as a consequence Butcher Bob Mugabe is still there today some twenty eight years after starting his bloody reign of terror, looting and murdering with little or no sanction from the UN)

The one thing the UN ideologues did learn was to accompany their diktats to hand over power with a massive propaganda campaign based on a moral basis for their demands while painting a Utopian picture of a future 'multi-cultural society'.

Despite all the gory images coming out of South Africa, they are unable to accept the utter failure of their multi-cultural project. They persist in projecting South Africa as the Rainbow Nation where racial discrimination is a thing of the past and all the people, regardless of race, religion or skin colour, live side by side in perfect harmony each respecting the other.

It's worth noting also that all the morally superior activists, including politicians, sports people and publicity hungry celebrities who were most vociferous in their condemnation of white South Africans have gone silent as their non white client group goes on a blood soaked rampage based on immigration.

These same activists who continue to smear ordinary decent people in Great Britain as racists, Fascists and Nazis for having the temerity to peacefully question mass immigration are duty bound to voice a similar opinion on their black brothers and sisters in South Africa who killing over the same issue.

What is happening in South Africa is a clear demonstration that:

a) there is no such thing as a 'multi-cultural society", it is the figment of the imagination of political ideologues.

b) imposing 'multi-culturalism' on a reluctant people without their consent will end in violence and bloodshed.

c) politicians can not legislate for people to love each other and get along.

d) the UN is no longer fit for purpose and should be replaced with a non-political organisation dedicated to achieving peace through good governance and protecting individual liberty.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Deceiving Dumb Voters With Choreographed PR Stunts Works

News that the meeting between Hillary Clinton and ordinary Iowans for a chat over coffee was a phony set-up should come as no surprise to the politically astute. The expensively hired teams of PR men, media managers, marketing executives and image consultants that now run election campaigns have done their homework and learned from the previous mistakes of others.

As control over political candidates by these professional image creators becomes absolute, contact with real people in real situations cease.

Interaction between political candidates and the electorate is now seen as hazardous for the simple reason that the truth is want to slip out and the real person behind the manufactured image is exposed.

This can undo months, even years, of carefully constructed image creation putting an election campaign in jeopardy as a result.

What the public see in the media are the fake smiles and the well rehearsed ability to read a prepared speech, but by all accounts - including those of some close associates, former employees and the Secret Service - the real Hillary Clinton is a nasty piece of work, combining a lack of manners with a volatile temper and an all consuming sense of entitlement.

As candidate Obama found to his cost when he revealed his socialist wealth redistribution agenda to Joe the Plumber, any deviation from the prepared script will be mercilessly exploited by political opponents to the detriment of the campaign.

Fortunately for Obama, he was able to recover and go on to win the Presidency due to the damage limitation skills of his PR team combined with a bought-and-paid-for media and a gullible, star struck electorate.

In Hillary's case, allowing contact between this perfectly schooled machine politician and ordinary human beings could make for disastrous optics and consequently it is avoided at all costs.

Tony Blair was a consummate performer in front of the media and is credited with bringing the dark arts of spin into the heart of British political life. It's a sad fact that once one political party indulges in this kind of phony campaigning, all others must follow suit with slick media campaigns of their own or appear to be amateur and out of touch.

Like Barack Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron are the creations of PR men as are the other legacy party leaders in Great Britain's forthcoming election. They were plucked from remote obscurity on account of their photogenicy and schooled over many years to perform in public.

One can see their discomfort when they are required to step into the real world and perform stunts in order to falsely identify with ordinary people. Even giving alms to a beggar is beyond some of them.

Identifying and having empathy with ordinary human beings is problematic for remote elitists who have had little or no contact outside of their own like minded community. Consequently, political candidates need to create a legend of humble beginnings - a log cabin story as they call it in the USA - in order to form a some kind of bond with the electorate.

As directed her PR team, Hillary Clinton claims she was broke when she left the White House, also that she is primarily a grandmother with her own grandparents being poor immigrants into the USA..

It's all bull of course and almost as outrageous as her fellow Democrat, Elizabeth Warren claiming native American ancestry on account her mother noting high cheekbones on a picture of Papaw; who it is assumed is her grandfather.

Any PR team worth their salt can spot the potential for a disastrous photo op and protect their charge accordingly. It must be said that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's team were right on the money when they prevented him from being photographed sitting down as he sold the British people down the river by signing the Lisbon Treaty.

They had him sneak over to Brussels then quickly sign the treacherous document standing up before rapidly departing the scene with the minimum of public ceremony.

It's a sad fact that the unreal images manufactured by these teams of PR professionals are taken in by an undiscerning public who don't have the skills to see through the bull and demand honesty. The political class are aided and abetted by a compliant media who propagate these images because they themselves are part of the machine.

This dishonesty will only end and the truth prevail when the public finally acquire the skills to spot the fake images and lies, then develop a healthy cynicism toward a corrupt political class that consider deceit as an acceptable part of the democratic process.